Initial Visit:  Please come a few minutes before your scheduled first session to complete intake paperwork.  During the first session we review what brought you into therapy,  we collect your confidential history, and have a brief therapeutic session.

Previous clients: Previous clients are welcome to book a one off  session as needed at your previously arranged rate. We will do our best to accommodate one off appointments.

Crisis Counselling: We are unable to provide 24 hour crisis  counselling.  If you or a loved one need immediate help please call Klinic Crisis Line at 204-786-8686 or visit your nearest hospital  emergency department immediately.

Sliding scale rates may apply to retirees, students, and low income households who are not covered by any insurance plan (I may request supporting documents such as previous year tax statements).

Payment is accepted at the end of each session via cash, cheque, or email Interac e-transfer. A receipt is provided for each session. Retain your receipts for your own files, for your benefit plan reimbursement, and/or medical tax credits on your income taxes.

Insurance: Services by registered clinical social workers (RSW) are often eligible for reimbursement by some insurance corporations. Please check with your insurance provider for their payment reimbursement policy. I will provide a formal receipt of payment.

Cancellation policy: Please inform us of a cancellation as soon as possible or at least 24 hours before your session starts to allow us to book someone else in that time. Appointments canceled without notice may be subject to a fee before booking your next session.

For questions directly related to your situation, please contact us.